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Considering What Money Can Buy? We Listed Some Real Special Goodies

1965 FERRARI 275 GTB SPECIALE COUPE – MOST EXPENSIVE CAR SOLD – US$8,085,0,000 The Arizona Collector Car Auctions is one of the largest in the world, and the 2018 edition was a supremely successful event. Over 2,600 cars changed hands,… Continue Reading →

MRI helps diagnose prostate cancer more accurately

In a world first, an Australian clinical trial has shown that biopsy guided by MRI can significantly improve the diagnosis of life-threatening prostate cancer and reduce the over-diagnosis of non-life-threatening cases, thus avoiding the side effects of unnecessary treatment. At… Continue Reading →

Dual attack with two existing drugs destroys lung cancer

Breaking research concludes that the use of two existing drugs could successfully treat certain lung cancers. The study delves deep into the molecular survival kit of lung tumors. Understanding how lung tumors survive and grow leads to an innovative new… Continue Reading →

New Apple TV Goes All-In for Apps

Apple on Wednesday held a mammoth two-hour event to introduce a long-awaited new Apple TV set-top box, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and the expected iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Further, Apple announced new Apple Watch colors and bands, and… Continue Reading →

Mozilla Trumpets Altered Reality Browser

The Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday unveiled its plans for Firefox Reality, a browser designed specifically for mixed reality headsets. The browser combines the beneftis of Mozilla’s existing Firefox browser — most notably the robust performance of its Firefox Quantum technology… Continue Reading →

Curves, Gestures May Be in iPhone’s Future

Gesture control and a curved body may be in the iPhone’s future. Apple has been experimenting with those features for the iPhone, and they could be ready for prime time in two to three years, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing “people… Continue Reading →

Hiking the scenic border-to-border Lebanon Mountain Trail

The 470km-long Lebanon Mountain Trail traverses the full length of this tiny Middle Eastern country, passing through ancient cedar forests and olive orchards, and ambling by rushing waterfalls, Roman temples and monasteries carved into cliff faces. This hike offers an… Continue Reading →

The Stupid Easy Way to Make Your Phone Less Distracting at Work

Wherever you go, your phone probably goes with you. That includes the office. But, as you know all too well, it can doom your workday with endless distractions—a text here, an app notification there, and your focus ends up drifting… Continue Reading →

Everything That Would Be Different if You Treated Your Time Like Your Money

Your time and your money are both limited. There are a set number of hours in a day and you have a certain amount of cash in your bank account. Unfortunately, to state the obvious, neither of these numbers magically… Continue Reading →

I’m a Full-time Designer Who Tried the Freelance Track

Jacob Gambino—Design Director at The Muse—is one of those rare (and lucky) individuals who knew what he wanted to do with his career before he even went to college. “Late in high school,” Gambino explains, “I sorted out that design,… Continue Reading →

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